Face care beauty tips

Face care beauty tips


What's my skin type?


Dry skin: thin, rough sometimes and sensitive to climate changes, it is easily dehydrated. As a result it tends to become more fragile and subject to premature ageing and wrinkles, above all on the eye contour. It needs moisturizing and nourishing treatments and soft, unctuous and protective textures.

Very dry skin: characterized by a strong dehydration and partial desquamation, it lacks suppleness and tends to pull and crease. It needs intense moisturizing and treatments rich in highly protective and soothing active ingredients.

Sensitive or delicate skin: highly reactive, thin and often partially dry, it shows redness, tickling or swelling when it does not tolerate external aggressions, temperature or even... beauty care products. It needs really peculiar treatments which contain a very few or no potential allergens, a reduced preservative method and silky and light textures enriched with soft, protective and moisturizing active ingredients.

Oily skin: thicker and more glowing than on average, showing dilated pores and often blackheads, it is characterized by an important sebum secretion that blocks the pores, suffocates the skin and may provoke acneic reactions. It needs a balancing and moisturizing treatment -non-comedogen and poor in greasy ingredients- that stimulates irrigation and clarifies the skin; its treatment also necessitates to maintain a good food hygiene.

Combination skin: characterized by both dry and oily areas (commonly the T-zone: nose, forehead and chin). It needs a balancing and moisturizing treatment, light and with a good penetration rate.

Mature skin: often dry and flaked off, having lost most of its elasticity, sensitive to environmental and climatic factors, its cells renewal is slower and it needs frequent revitalizing and regenerating in-depth powerful anti-wrinkle treatments.

Melvita tip:

You ought to bring your skin moisturizing whatever its type. All skin types can be "dehydrated" (dull, lifeless, tired or lined skin...), that's why an intense moisturizing treatment is required even for oily skins (don't forget that the more you dry it out, the more it produces sebum). Apply a serum or a jelly under you day cream or even alone in case of combination or oily skin.








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