Fair trade certification

Fair Trade certification by Ecocert: EFT

EFT is a label which means Ecocert Fair Trade. Awarded by Ecocert, this certification it is aimed at adding value to the organic and fair trade products and helps producers to establish sustainable partnerships.

Each year, an in-depth audit is conducted at the production site and through all the network.


The impact at the producers’ level in developing countries:

- Ethic: the insurance for the producers to sell their products at a minimum guaranteed price, for the workers to receive a decent wage

- Social: reasonable working conditions, collective organization and the setting up of a funds for the producers’ community

- Health and environment: a production respecting the natural resources and the health of the producers and workers

- Development: the approach involves a sustainable partnership with the buyers and the empowerment of the producers

More information on www.ecocert.fr


By supporting this label, MELVITA is helping to contribute to the economic and social development of its producers. Here you can learn more about our organic and fair trade networks:

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