Our fair trade network for orange blossom floral water

Orange blossom: our faire trade network

In the family of our Moroccan partner, distilling is passed down from father to son. Hafid took over the farm and cultivates over 5,000 orange trees on nine hectares of sandy soil in Kenitra (a small town north of Rabat).

The women are in charge of harvesting the delicate orange blossom buds before they are fully open. They do this by hand every year, in April.

In 2012, MELVITA supported this farm in the process to obtain EFT fair trade certification by ECOCERT* and committed to a multi-year contract (fair price, agreed purchase amount, technical monitoring). Equity for producers, protection of biodiversity, and responsible, sustainable harvesting are guaranteed through strict controls, thanks to ECOCERT EFT fair trade certification.*

* Ecocert fair trade in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility, in accordance with the EFT standards, available at www.ecocert.com 


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