Our fair trade network for rose floral water

Rose: our faire trade network

On the high plateaus of the region of Kashan in Iran, the rose grows naturally. Thanks to the nitrogen provided by the melting winter snow, the aridity of the climate and the dryness of the air, there is no need for phytosanitary products to aid its growth.

Our partner cooperative was established near the village of Jowsheghan. 40 hectares of almost-wild rose gardens, certified organic and fair trade, are farmed by 150 small-scale producers and pickers. Every year, in May, the men and women follow in the tradition of their Persian ancestors and get the harvest season off to a start at dawn, to the sound of traditional prayers and music.

Equity for producers, protection of biodiversity, and responsible, sustainable harvesting are guaranteed through strict controls, thanks to ECOCERT EFT fair trade certification.*

* Ecocert fair trade in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility, in accordance with the EFT standards, available at www.ecocert.com 


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