Our fair trade network for shea butter

Shea butter: our faire trade network

Women working in cooperatives gather the fruit of the shea tree using traditional techniques. These women are the only ones who know the secret to preparing the butter. Since 2007, MELVITA has sourced its shea butter from the SOTOKACC company, in the south-east of Bobo Dioulasso. Nearly 200 women work for this company, collecting the shea nuts and producing the butter.

MELVITA has supported SOTOKACC in the process to obtain organic certification and has helped with the costs involved in obtaining EFT* fair trade certification by ECOCERT.

An 80% down payment is made on the harvest and the women are also entitled to a quality bonus. MELVITA has made a long-term commitment by agreeing to purchase a minimum specified amount at a fair price, which is revised each year by a cooperative committee. MELVITA has also been involved in a well-drilling operation, to help get water more easily to the village.

 * Ecocert fair trade in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility, in accordance with the EFT standards, available at www.ecocert.com 


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