Our floral waters

Melvita's floral waters gently invigorate, refresh in summer, and give a beautiful finishing touch to your cleansing ritual in the evening.


Floral waters are a product of steam distillation. 

Steam passes through the flowers, taking with it precious molecules from the plant. Then, as the steam is cooled, it condenses back into a liquid that consists of two phases. 

Floating on the surface, lighter than water, is the essential oil. Below it is the water, which contains small amounts of water-soluble essential oil molecules. This "floral" water gently delivers, to the skin, the scents and properties of the distilled plant.

Floral waters have (in small proportions) the same characteristics and benefits as an essential oil. 


• As a TONER, to prepare your skin before applying moisturizer

• To HELP SKIN ABSORB the beauty oil applied afterwards

• As a REFRESHING WATER that won't cause feelings of tightness (like some spring water mists)

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